One True Living Love's Executive Summary

   We believe as we abide in Him, He will provide for every need.
John Chapter 15 Verse One through Twenty One




One True Living Love exists to honor Jesus Christ's desire:  Complete unity with ALL believers:  John 17:20-23

        1. Uniting ALL believers starting with large groups of believers, such as churches, businesses, non-profits,  and uniting individuals simultaniously across the globe!  


  We will provide networking platforms, groups, events and opportunities for people to connect and share with each other, both the abundant resources they have, and their requests for current needs to further their Kingdom work.  Similar to a barter or trade system, we will facilitate groups and individuals to work together for the Glory of God!


  We will use technology such as Facebook and other social media, and have already begun our first successful group: “Christians Helping Christians for Christ”.  This is the model for our idea- please view the success stories here:


   We will also connect with emails, phone calls, and even in person- starting with the believers we are
the closest to through our personal and professional networks.

         2. As we are uniting these groups we will encourage them to LIVE out the gospel! Our Father’s greatest commandment is to Love Him with our entire existence & secondly to Love our neighbor as our selves:  Matthew 22:34-40!

The bible
tells us to love NOT with words & tongue but in ACTION & in TRUTH:
John 3:18!

       3. As we grow & Love in action & in truth we will form One Christ-following Community & Economy! Blessing each other as the Lord blesses us! Furthering the Kingdom! Making one another’s
lives and work loads easier by helping one another with our God-given jobs, dreams and goals.  Also, helping others Truly Live out the Gospel by example:  by Loving them in Action & in Truth & encouraging them to do the same (The Greatest Commandment: Matthew 22:34-40, How to Love: 1 John 3:16-18, The Great
Commission: Matthew 28:18-20)

We believe God’s promises to bless those who love Him, and that through His Holy Spirit and our work to honor Him, that He will connect, grow and prosper each of us, as only He can. 

   We believe
as we network, and help each other, He will provide for every need.